Week of Women


15 & 16 December, 2020 Starts @ 13:10 PM

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Objectives : Breaking the barriers that exist between women and men in society, including the differences between different generations, inter-party and inter-ethnic differences. Raising skills and empowering tomorrow's women and men leaders. Networking and fostering cooperation between participants from all walks of life, generations and ethnicities. Advancing networking with politicians and civil society activists at regional and international levels. Strengthen participants' capacities to assume leadership responsibilities in the organizations and institutions they represent.

Week of Women

Week of Women (WoW) is a nationwide, annual event that gathers, in a cross-ethnic setting, more than 120 women and men from Kosovo’s political parties, civil society, business, media, and academia, with the aim of expanding the pipeline of local women leaders skilled to assume greater leadership positions. Since the first WoW eight years ago, the event has become a critical venue for policy debate and intensive discussion with leading politicians and elected officials, enabling participants to hold their representatives to account while simultaneously developing and shining a spotlight on women’s leadership. WoW is organized by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Kosovo, with the generous support of the United States Agency for International Development. NDI would also like to thank the Embassy of Canada to Croatia and Kosovo and UN Women for their support of 2020WoW.





Madeleine K. Albright

"Development without women is improbable, democracy without women is impossible"


Leon Malazogu
Leon Malazogu

Former Ambassador of Kosovo to Japan

Jovana Radosavljevic
Jovana Radosavljevic

Executive director and co - founder of New Social Initiative

Philip S. Kosnett
Philip S. Kosnett

Ambassador of the United States of America to Kosovo

Shkëmb Manaj
Shkëmb Manaj

Member of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo


Week of Women 2020 will be organized under the overarching theme "Changing the face of politics: the time is now!" and aims to address inequality and political power between women and men to accelerate gender equality efforts.

Date Session Time
15 December, 2020 Video Welcoming remarks 13:10 - 13:15
15 December, 2020 Video Politics in the Digital Era: Opportunities and Challenges for Women 13:15 - 13:50
15 December, 2020 Video Parliament United in Diversity 14:00 - 14:45
15 December, 2020 Video Global Crises: Their Impact on Gender Parity 15:00 - 15:45
15 December, 2020 Video Gender-Sensitive Legislation: The Quest for Equal Opportunity 16:00 - 17:15
15 December, 2020 Video Accelerating Change: Women in Peace and Security 17:30 - 18:15
15 December, 2020 Video Closing Remarks 18:15 - 18:25
15 December, 2020 Video Adjournment 18:30 - 18:40
16 December, 2020 Video Welcoming Remarks 13:00 - 13:10
16 December, 2020 Video Overcoming the Socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic 13:10 - 13:55
16 December, 2020 Video Kosovo’s 2021 Local Elections and Women Breaking Through 14:00 - 14:50
16 December, 2020 Video Safeguarding Peace and Stability: Gender Perspectives in Conflict Resolution Processes 15:00 - 16:15
16 December, 2020 Video Women and Youth Climbing the “Glass Cliff” 16:30 - 17:15
16 December, 2020 Video Reflection on Women of Kosovo: What has been achieved 17:20 - 17:40
16 December, 2020 Video Closing Remarks and Adjournment 17:40 - 18:00

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