Week of Women

In defence of democracy: Inclusion matters

Week of Women

Week of Women (WoW) is an annual nationwide event that gathers, in a multi-ethnic setting, more than 120 women and men from political parties, civil society, business, media, and academia, with the aim of expanding the capacities of local women leaders skilled to assume greater leadership positions. Over the past nine years, WoW has become a critical venue for policy debate and intensive discussion with leading politicians and elected officials. It enables participants to hold their representatives to account while simultaneously advancing, and shining a spotlight on, women’s leadership. Since its launch, more than 900 participants, including women, men, youth, and minorities, have participated over the past nine years. More than 100 WoW alumni ran for office, and at least 18 taking on roles as ministers, deputy ministers, and senior government advisors, while six have become MPs.







Week of Women 2022 will be organized under the overarching theme ‘Defending Democracy: Inclusion Matters’ and aims to address inequality and political power between women and men to accelerate gender equality efforts.

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